How to Auto Upload Android Camera Photos to Dropbox?

Andriod Dropbox

You can smoothly upload your images, or videos taken with snappers, tablets, or smartphones through Camera Upload straight to Dropbox. You can view them at any place according to your convenience. The Camera Upload can be advantageous in a couple of ways; one, you can upload your stuffs straight from your devices through the wireless, and the second one is by connecting the camera, smartphone, or … [Read more...]

Five Security Tips for Android Phones and Tablets

Andriod Security

Contemporary humans spend more time with devices than relatives. Nothing wrong if said the device knows more about you than yourself. We keep all important stuffs with our devices. Hence, it is natural for you to have higher security threats. Android being one of the most used platforms over the globe; we share some of the handy tips to ensure you are absolutely safe about your important data with … [Read more...]

7 Must Have Firefox Addons for Better Productivity

Firefox Addons

Add-ons have been always prolific in online business. And naturally, something that supports add-ons the best becomes popular effortlessly. You can definitely make the above as a reason that Firefox is such popular. There are many fantastic piece of add-ons available for the browser, and here we have presented some most efficient for you. Undoubtedly, these can work in a great way to increase your … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways to Increase Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate

Growth in online business and a better conversion rate, both are pretty synonymous. The strategy is simple; you have to drive more number of potential users to your site those turn later in to a good customer. No doubt the taste of enjoying success of conversion rate is too delicious; but, at the same time it demands you to be smart enough. Here we present some of the excellent tricks to hike your … [Read more...]

5 Free Android Crosswords Apps

Crossword Puzzle

Android users are already happy, and they are all set to fulfil their desire for crosswords very soon. You don’t have to depend upon the newspapers on this regard, as you are going to have mobile apps for crosswords. In fact, the mobile apps can offer you with greater variety. Well, here we present you with five crossword applications those you can enjoy with your android device. Shortyz … [Read more...]