Different Types Of ISPs To Choose From Because Of Technology

Isp Of Network

A lot of people prefer to use the internet for different purposes. The speed depends on the ISP. The quality of the ISP or Internet Service Provider can place a huge impact on the internet utilization. Especially, the speed of the internet connection places directly impact on the internet usage, if you are often downloading big files like movies. There are different types of ISP’s available. And … [Read more...]

5 Best Android Video Converter Apps of 2015

Andriod Video

Evolutions of social Medias have certainly increased importance of video converters. People don’t want to make any delay in posting their favourite video portions over the social Medias, and this is the case when you realise the importance of a video converter app.  Android is the most used smartphone platform over the globe, and here we present you the top 5 video converter recommendation for … [Read more...]

Automatically Mute Sound in Inactive Google Chrome Tab

Google Chrome

Ever since the interactive advertising contents started becoming popular, the internet users have started facing the most annoying incident – sudden initiation of ads which you don’t remember when you kept your mouse pointer on them. If you are doing something on internet with full concentration put on your work and suddenly an ad start playing in some other tabs, you don’t only lose your focus … [Read more...]

Buffer YouTube Videos Faster Than Ever

Youtube Buffer

Most parts of the world are still not under high speed internet coverage. But YouTube is just not an entertainment media but an educative tool as well, so people just can’t stay away from it no matter how slow the internet is or how long the buffering takes. To make YouTube experience better, we would shed some light on faster buffering techniques. Not all videos on YouTube are meant to be … [Read more...]

How to Enable the Hotspot Button for Android, IOS and Windows

Wifi Hotspot

Finding a Hotspot is not a big task for the smart phones. The new smart phones are now manufactured with all the facilities for the hotspot. However, sometimes it really becomes tedious and complex to find out the hotspot in the operating system. All the three leading operating system of the phone Android, IOS and Windows have designed the hotspot with grace and plan. But the trouble comes with … [Read more...]